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Observations is a contemporary and timely book of short, contemplative poems. It examines a wide variety of issues from Zen to Mandela, and the Middle East to Sandy Hook.

Dancing for Joy

Dancing for Joy shares a collection of contemporary inspirational poetry that reflects on the daily joys of living, nature’s joy cycles, current issues and events, and favorite people and places in life.

Sing a New Song

Inspired by the Psalms, seasoned poet Colleen Kelly shares a volume of poetry that once again offers a fresh perspective of the familiar and novel experiences and moments that often line our paths through life.

In a five-part presentation, Colleen begins with Seasonal Notes that praise the Lord in his mighty heaven on earth through reflections that explore the fragrant evening air, the march of time, and new dreams and beginnings. Humor, pathos, and inspiration can be found in her.....

As I Was Saying

As I Was Saying is a collection of short contemplative poems ranging from Everyday Things, poems focused on daily life and thoughts shared by many to personal perspectives on world events. Seasons Cycles follows the change of seasons through the year, while Dream Dreams takes you to the moon and back to earth. The section World Shaking takes on the serious questions of events from the demise of the Challenger to the collapse of the World Trade Center. In From Dark.....

I’ve Been Thinking

I’ve Been Thinking:  Consists of short poems on a variety of topics from nature to travel, daily events from politics and news of the day, and from poetry to integrity. Sometimes humorous, often contemplative, they make observations on life and all of the twists and turns it may take.